Inauguration 2013: Obama’s Second Inauguration Day


Today is the day that President Barack Obama will be sworn in for another four-year term and deliver his all-important second inaugural address. We’ll have live updates on all the festivities throughout the day. All times are Eastern.

6:51p.m.: And now for even more glitter: The Obamas are expected to arrive at the first of two inaugural balls at about 8:45p.m. The first will have 4,000 guests — active duty troops and veterans — and is in honor of American troops. The second will have about 35,000 guests. What to watch for? What Michelle Obama wears, and what the Obamas dance to for their first song.

6:45p.m.: About 1 million people showed up to watch Obama’s inauguration. That’s smaller than in 2009, which saw a crowd of 1.5 million, but bigger than the expected 600,000 to 800,000. Twitter broke during the parade — 1.1 million people were tweeting during the inauguration.


via Live: Obama’s Second Inauguration Day – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.